8 Life Hacks To Get Better Sleep

  1. Get an app on your screens that filters out blue light

The blue light emitted from electronics turns off melatonin, the sleepy hormone your pineal gland produces that regulated your circadian rhythm. AKA the thing that tells your body it is time to go to bed. I use the app F.LUX for my computer and TWILIGHT for my phone. It adjusts your phone and computer for you to filter out the most blue light. I love both of these apps and they have helps me tremendously with my light sensitivity. Also if you get headaches or migraines frequently downloading this app would be a smart move as light is known to be a trigger.

2.  Invest in an air filter

My fiance got an Air Oasis and it defiantly makes a difference in the quality of air in our house. We have two cats and the ventilation in our apartment can cause the air to get stale sometimes. Especially at night I find myself waking up and when I put the air filter in the room I notice myself not waking up until morning and I feel much more clear-headed

3. Invest in a red light night light:

These night lights have a red-tinted bulb. The red light does not turn off your melatonin and it’s helpful if you need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

4. Herbal Supplements:

Organic Chamomile tea, GABA, Adrenal Supplements,  Ashwagandha, ect.
Do your own research and find what works for you. I personally do not like melatonin even in low doses, out of all the people I’ve come into contact with only one of them has had melatonin work for them. So I always suggest checking out other herbal approaches.

5. Deep Breathing Before Bed

Our bodies need oxygen and taking deep breaths can oxygenate our mitochondria as well. Getting good oxygen to your brain and body can help turn off your “animal brain” that worries about everything you did and didn’t do that day. This can help you learn to regain control and send you into a calm place. JUST BREATHE. Here is a breathing technique I use- Sit or lay comfortably and imagine your body being rooted into the ground, becoming one with the earth. I always imagine myself in a forest or imagine myself laying on the floor. I focus on the trees I see and inhale a deep breath of fresh pine air about 5 times or until I am fully enveloped in calmness. I then come back to my body and by that time I am completely relaxed. I have taught my little boy to breathe deeply with me and it has helped him fall asleep faster. When we are stressed we tend to take shorter breaths and deplete the oxygen in our bodies. Remember to breathe you got this!

6. Sleeping induction mat.

This spiky mat may look a bit like a torture device but I assure you it is not. You lay on it before you go to bed and it can help turn off your “animal brain”. Laying on it may be a bit uncomfortable because your body is unsure what this “thing” is that is poking it. Your animal brain may turn on and tell you to get off the mat. My advice is to stay on, once your body realizes it isn’t going to die it will release endorphins and you may feel very relaxed.

7. 1 Tbs of organic, preferably local raw honey.

This hack is more of a “better sleep” hack. Taking a tablespoon of honey before bed can help give your body the glucose it needs at night to help your body repair while you sleep. Talk to your doctor especially if you are diabetic.

8. Put yourself first

Whatever it is that is keeping you up at night find a solution. Do not accept your bad sleep as a “normal” thing for you. You have the power to achieve anything you want to. If one thing doesn’t work then try another! It took me the longest to bio-hack my sleep and it was so WORTH IT! Do not give up! Having great sleep will allow you to get into a better flow state during the day and help with your overall health. The best investment you can make is in yourself.

Ways to fool proof your success for the New Year

Rather than setting another New Years resolution this year that I will break because of a lame excuse, I decided to keep it simple and lay a foundation for the other goals I’d want to accomplish. So what’s my New Years resolution?

Going to bed at 11 pm and waking up at 7 am.

I have allowed myself to accept the fact that some nights I might go to bed later and some mornings I will wake up sooner or later. It is the extra time I will gain by doing this that will allow me to get more done with the 24 hours I am given every day. I have tools to help me stay awake: Alarm Clock, Coffee, Meditation, and a toddler and tools to help me get some sleep : Gym, Herbal teas, Meditation, music.

Day one of the New Year and it’s going well with the help of my hubby and a nice cup of bulletproof coffee and all my morning supplements I’m ready to take on the day!!

Tips for setting goals that are easy to follow:

1. Set a goal that starts the foundation for your success.

If your looking to get healthy or feel better this year, rather than setting a goal for the gym, try and set a goal to eat healthier. This is the equivalent to trying to build a pyramid from the top to the bottom.  Laying a good foundation is key and the food your putting in your body is your fuel. By enhancing the quality of food and eating the right foods you will feel better both mentally and physically and this will help lead you to the weight loss you desire and leave you feeling better every day.

2. Be positive and make sure your thoughts reflect your wants.

Instead of saying your “not a morning person” tell yourself ” I start every day full of energy and positivity ” the voice inside your head is the most powerful influence in your life. The man who says he can and the man who says he can’t are both right. For me, it helps when I say the positive things out loud. Although I may look a bit strange if I did this in front of a crowd, something about hearing it resonates with me more than just saying it in my head. The law of attraction is a very powerful tool, use it wisely.

3. Ask the universe for what you want and be open to how it happens.

The universe listens to everything you request, both good and bad. If you end up getting hung up on how your goal manifests, it could pass right in front of you and you would ignore it because it wasn’t how you planned it in your head. Be present and don’t focus so much on the details but rather the journey. The experiences you learn from and people you meet along the way to your end goal are the real treasures.