No sugar Raw Cacao and Nut granola

Satisfy your tummy and your brain by adding some omega 3 and anti-aging Cacao nibs to your morning breakfast or for an on the go snack. This Raw Nut and Cacao Granola contains no sugar, easy to make, and will last you about a week.

Instant pot Orange Chicken

Cooking Dinner shouldn’t take hours. This simple Instant Pot recipe takes 20 minutes and leaves you more time to spend with your loved ones. Paleo, Gluten Free, and dairy free.

Tart Cranberry Orange Sauce with Maple

Indulge in holiday cranberry sauce and use maple syrup or coconut sugar instead of refined white sugar! A healthier holiday season starts with homemade delicious goodness!

Crispy Cod with Berry Salsa

The great thing about Cod is the flexibility of what you can add to it. It doesn’t have much of a flavor which makes it go great with a berry sweet salsa. Cod is high in vitamin B12,  selenium, phosphorus and protein. It is also a very good source of choline as well as a good source of niacin, potassium, vitamin…

Most addictive Fat bombs!

Keto Fat Bombs. Great for breakfast on the go or just to have in the fridge for a quick and filling lunch.

Italian Roasted Eggplant Fan

Inspired by a recipe from cookingwithoutlimits. This Italian Roasted Eggplant Fan was fun to make and eat. Nom nom nom